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At Capacity

Blackhawks Virtual Academy  Hockey · Any

Sold Out
Jul 6 ’20
Aug 28 ’20
Registration Dates:
Starts Jun 1 ’20 regular
Camper Fees
Regular $80.00

The Blackhawks Virtual Academy, a pilot program in affiliation with HHD Hockey, will run for 8 weeks beginning July 6 at cost of $80 per participant.

The on-demand schedule will offer:

  •    Daily workouts, where participants can choose between two video options based on skill.
  •    M/W/F: Full body hockey-focused workouts (40- or 60-minutes)
  •    T/Th: choose 1 or do all 3 videos focusing on agility, shooting and stickhandling skills
  •    Morning message from Eddie Olczyk, Jamal Mayers, Kendall Coyne Schofield and others
  •    Weekly chalk talks and more from Blackhawks alumni, ambassadors or staff members
  •    Theme days will allow campers an opportunity to interact through social media and have an opportunity to win prizes.
  •    Open to all ages and skill levels
  •    Cost: $80.00 (only $2/day)
  •    Day 1 begins July 6th!

We are disappointed we won't get to see your smiling faces at the rink this summer and hope you will take advantage of this special opportunity.


  • What does a daily schedule look like? 
      • This camp is designed to work on your time! The on-demand style workouts can be done whenever you want. Because of the progressive curriculum, days 1-40 should be completed in order.
  • What if I register late or miss a day? 
      • The 8-week progressive program is designed to work gradually from week to week and build off previous workouts. The 40-day sequence will have new material every day (Monday - Friday), beginning with Day 1 on July 6th. Don't worry if you miss a few days or register after Day 1. You will be able to complete the days in order, giving you plenty of time (the website will still be available 8 weeks)
  • Who is HHD Hockey? 
      • Christian Hmura, owner of Hmura Hockey Development, is a renowned skating and skills coach. Christian's background and expertise extends from his current and past positions as a Hockey Director and Head Coach of many different levels and age groups. Christian has trained some of the most elite players in the world. He routinely works with players from many different NHL teams in the off season to develop diverse skating techniques and skill acquisitions. Hmura Hockey Development was founded on Christian's core principal- being a well versed skater creates the time and space to utilize the skills that you practice day in and day out. Christian's coaching accolades include assisting in the development of dozens of players advancing to professional & NCAA.
  • What if I am already registered with HHD Hockey? 
      • Great! Just let us know and we can provide you a log-in for the Blackhawks virtual academy, at no additional cost, so you can access the exclusive Blackhawks content.
  • What do I need to have at my house to do the workouts? 
      • Green biscuit or similar off ice puck, golf ball, 4 regular pucks, 4 small cones or similar, hockey net, stick and gloves.
  • Can I do the virtual academy along with my on-ice camps? 
      • Absolutely! The content can be done anytime and is an excellent supplement to any on ice camps you are attending. We know the workouts will improve your on-ice skills.
  • How do I log in? 
      • You will receive an email containing information and your personal log in between July 1st - 3rd.

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